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Thematic trails

Thematic trails

Masovian Tourist Routes are the variety of culture, history and traditions. Among the pearls of the Masovian tourism, such as the Pope’s Route and Chopin’s Mazovia we will also find less well known, but no less interesting and exciting routes, among which everyone will find something for himself.

In the past the settlements were always built by the rivers, as they marked the directions of the urbanization. Today, three of the many routes lead along the rivers of Mazovia: "Along the Liwiec River," "Places pf recreation on the Bug River", "In Pułtusk on the Narew".

The fans of ethnographic tours should get acquainted with the route "Kurpie, i.e. a story about  respect for old customs", while for the lovers of legends – the route "Among the ghosts and the inhabitants of the castle in Ciechanów". The latter will also be interested in "Defense fortresses and castles on the Vistula."

Poland, in the Middle Ages and later known as the bulwark of Christianity, erected on its land numerous temples that can be admired on the route "In the land of religious worship and a glorious past." On this route there is also a Castle of the Dukes of Mazovia in Czersk, the task of which was to protect the Christian population.

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