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In Poland and in Mazovia the temples of two religions dominate, the Jewish and the Christian religions. Among the Christian temples, we can distinguish, since the East-West Schism lasting from the 11th to the 13th century, Catholic churches and Orthodox churches. From the next schism, at the early 20th century there emerged the Mariavites who are headquartered in the Temple of Mercy and Charity in Płock, which is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the French Gothic style. For centuries, the temples of Mazovia were the scene events of great importance.

Other fascinating temples are, among others, in Węgrów, Brochów Czerwińsk and Mariańskie Porzecze. Brochów is famous for the fact that Chopin's parents’ wedding took place in this church, and Chopin was baptized here. Węgrów is famous for its Twardowski mirror, with which that sorcerer celebrated his magic. In Czerwińsk, on the other hand, during the first war with the Teutonic Knights, the army of King Jagiello crossed the Vistula, and in Mariańskie Porzecze we can admire one of the most interesting wooden churches.

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