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Restaurants, inns and taverns

Restaurants, inns and taverns

We invite you to a tour of the restaurants, inns and taverns of Mazovia. Let us start with Warsaw - the capital of Poland and Mazovia. We recommend visiting the Old Town, the tourist heart of the city. It is busy throughout the year. Every spring cafes move out of the cozy cellars and chambers to the Market Square, which is flooded with sunshine. They remain there until the cold of autumn sets in. The central point of the Old Town is the Market Square. It features numerous tourist attractions and ... fantastic restaurants. As we walk on the cobblestone streets along the old town walls we will get to the Kompania Piwna ‘Podwale’ located in a historic house, and then going further down Freta street to ‘Gospoda pod Kogutem' (The Tavern under the Rooster). One can also taste the regional delicacies on the Praga side of the Vistula River, for instance at ‘Dom Polski’ (The Polish House).

And then ... let us visit Mazovia. Whether traveling on foot, by bicycle, by train or by car you can reach unique places. We invite you to one of such tours - a tour of restaurants, inns and taverns.

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