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Dozens of private and public institutions presenting various topics will interest everyone. Regional, biographical, historical museums are only a portion of what we can see in Mazovia. Justifiably Warsaw is known as the "City of Museums". Every year in Warsaw, Radom, Ostrołęka, Płock and Żyrardów museums organize the "Night of Museums". The greatest museums, i.e. the Museum of Warsaw Uprising, Frederic Chopin Museum, the National Museum are also among the most modern museums in the world. Numerous Masovian museums conduct educational and promotional activities, especially among school children, for which museum lessons are organized.

A huge role in promoting the tradition is played by heritage parks. Among the many open air museums of Mazovia we will find the Museum of the Masovian Village in Sierpc and the Museum of Radom Village, which in a fantastic way show the history of the Polish countryside over the centuries, organize numerous folklore events and carry out an extensive program of classes. The open-air museums also include the Railway Museum in Warsaw, together with a branch in Sochaczew and the fascinating Automotive and Technology Museum with the most numerous collections in Europe.

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