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The Gostynińsko – Włocławskie Lake District

Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park

Inheritance from glacier

The Gostynińskie Lake District is the only fragment of the post-glacial landscape in the Mazovian voivodship. The area is diverse with high hills, earth banks, closed drainage basins and, above all, several dozens of various-size lakes. A large part of the area is covered by forests, mainly pine woods. It comes without surprise that the region with such landscape qualities has been a popular leisure site for years. Numerous holiday homes and holiday resorts are mostly populated by citizens of nearby Płock; however, there are also enough guests from more remote parts of the voivodship.

distance: 21 km

marking: blue, green and red marks

difficulties: easy trail

access: train station in Gostynin, railway line Płock – Kutno; buses to Płock, Kutno, Warsaw

0.0 km marketplace in Gostynin

Lucień – neoclassical palace from 1865Gostynin may not be big but it is ancient. The original dwelling that already existed in the 6th century was situated on a high moraine hill, North West of the current town. This place is called the Łysa Mountain. Since the 13th century, Gostynin has been the capital of Castellany and then of the Gostynin land. At the end of the 14th century a castle was built on the hill amidst marches of the Skrwa river. When after the Swedish Deluge Gostynin’s star died away, the construction began to fall into ruin. In the first half of the 19th century, its last part was adopted for an evangelical church, currently the Catholic St. Martin’s sanctuary. Recently, plans for reconstructing the castle appeared.

In the square, there is a classicist town-hall from the first half of the 19th century, designed by Hilary Szpiclowski, as well as the 19th century inn building. Attention is also drawn by market-halls with distinctive arcades. Taking a stroll around the town, it is worth to take notice of storied wooden houses. They were constructed after 1824 for drapers conveyed from Germany.

From the market the blue trail runs northward along the road towards Lucień.

2.0 km forest edge

On the left, you go past the forest inspectorate buildings. The trail turns to the North West and then runs through a Pine wood. You are now in the buffer zone of the Gostynińsko-Włocławski Scenic Park. The park covering the area of over 42 thousand ha was established in 1979 for the protection of post-glacial landscape together with numerous lakes and valuable ecosystems of the boggy and peat areas. The Gostynińsko-Włocławskie forests, covering 60% of the park’s area, constitute a crucial natural string in the Vistula valley.

3.8 km the Osetnica river valley

The trail descends into the quite deeply-cut Osetnica river valley, which is the right tributary of the Left Skrwa River. By the river there is a damp gloomy alder forest. You go over the bridge. On the other bank the forest ends and the trail goes out into the open space.   

4.2 km Helenów

You enter between the allotment buildings of the summer resort. After some time, the trail reaches a road and follows it to the North West along the edge of a rich mixed forest.

6.7 km Lucień

A popular leisure destination is surrounded by forests and lakes. In the west there is the Lucień lake, the biggest water basin, capacity-wise, in the Gostynińsko-Włocławski Scenic Park. The postglacial channel lake is over three-kilometer long and 20 m deep. Most of its shore is covered by forests, where several summer resorts are hidden. There is the Białe Lake located 1.5 km to the east, which is the deepest reservoir in the park. The deepest point lies 30 m below the water level. Between the lakes, alongside the village buildings, the Left Skrwa river flows. In the centre of Lucień there is a neoclassicist palace from the second half of the 19th century; at present, there is a primary school. The palace is surrounded by a scenic park with monumental specimens of oak, beech and lime-tree.

In Lucień the trails intersect: the blue one leading to Płock (25 km) and the green one – from Włocławek to Gąbin. You turn right following the green marks to the south east. You hike among pines, birches and oaks. Early in the morning or after the tourist season, your route might be cut through by a deer or a fox. After 2.5 km the trail goes out of the forest and goes in-between summer houses. Some time later, the marks turn northward along a bitten road. At the next junction turn right, eastward. Before continuing feel free to get a cool drink in a shop by the junction.

Sumino lake11.0 km the Sumino lake

You walk along a picturesque road with the surface of the Sumino Lake on your left. The basin is 1670 m long and nearly 300 m wide. It lies in the same postglacial channel as the Lucień and Białe lakes. However, the Sumino Lake is not only smaller but also much shallower. In the deepest place it is 7.4 m deep. Thanks to that, the lake warms up relatively quickly and its water tempts with the opportunity of a pleasant swim.

Hiking along the lake shore, all the time on your right you have hills covered by pine wood.

12.5 km camp-site of ZHP (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association)

Close to the eastern edge of the lake, there is a scout camp-site. Nearby, the green trail intersects with the red one leading to Płock. Follow the red marks to the south west. The trail leads along a sandy road through pines.

14.0 km game-keeper’s cottage „Kruk”

In the very centre of the forest you will pass the game-keeper’s cottage buildings. The trail runs further along a wide tract to the south west. After another 2 km you circle the buildings of the hospital located in the forest. The bitten tract turns into asphalt road.

17.5 km road Lucień – Legarda

The trail cuts the road across and goes deep into the forest, not for long though. After around one kilometer you reach loosely scattered houses of the Bierzewice village. Through the meadows of the Osetnica river valley you walk to the south west towards railway track and the road. You go over the river bridge and along the railway line Płock – Gostynin you enter the outskirts.

20.0 km train station in Gostynin

The hike is finished, if you want to you can catch the train.

21.5 km market place in Gostynin

Once again you see the familiar silhouette of the town-hall and its tower-clock. It’s interesting how much time has passed since you hit the trail?

Practical information


Gostynin: restaurant Bajka, ul. Kościuszki 17, tel. (24) 235 23 67

Gostynin: bar „U Reni”, ul. Zamkowa 19 a, tel. (24) 235 50 03

Other points:


Gostynin: guest-rooms MOSiR (The Town Sports and Leisure Centre), ul. Sportowa 1, tel. (24) 235 33 97

Miałkówek: The Training and Leisure Centre „Lucień”, Miałkówek 2 k. Lucienia, tel. (24) 235 16 61; open from May till October

Lucień: the residence Lucień, The Conference and Leisure Centre, Residence of the Polish President, Lucień 82, tel. (24) 235 16 55

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