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Wkra Wkra

The right tributary of the Narew is 249 km long. Its sources are located in the drained swamps in Garb Lubawski.

It upper course is called the Nida, known under the name of Działdówka close to Działdowa. The actual Wkra begins in Mazovia, close to Żuromin. It is a typical lowland river, with a very small drop. It traverses moraine ridges and flowered meadows. Forests approach the water only in a few places. Many animals live along the riverbanks, including larger mammals, such as beavers and otters.

The Wkra landscape is complemented by Mazovian villages and towns with their interesting monuments, especially churches. Most of them can be seen from the canoe.

Must sees

In the high course of Wkra lies Bieżuń, with the unique in Poland Museum of the Small Towns, which is excellently recreates the atmosphere of the pre-war Mazovian countryside. The village of Małużyn, nicely situated by the river, boasts an interesting church. The stone Gothic presbytery from the 18th century was extended by adding a stone nave. Another lovely temple, this one built of wood, can be admired in Królew.

The most attractive parts of the landscape of the Wkra valley are under protection. The reserve of ‘Dziektarzewo’ the high river scarp is covered by a mixed forest of very rich undergrowth. Its rival in the competition for the most beautiful leg of the river is the reserve ‘Dolina Wkry’ (‘Wkra valley’), with the gorge in Lasy Pomiechowskie.

Before you set off…

Wkra is available for canoes from Działdowo downstream. The leg between Działdowo and Joniec is considered difficult. The further route to Modlin is quite easy, though tiresome at times. The flow regime of the river is partly altered by weirs, across which you have to carry the canoe. Though a lowland river, the Wkra is by no means lazy – its current sometimes gets really strong.

There are no riverside campsites nor other forms of tourist infrastructure by the river, yet the route runs past many villages, so you can get supplies at the local stores.

Route: Joniec – Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki

The route we present runs down the low course of the Wkra. The trail is picturesque and rather short, a great idea for a weekend outing.

Joniec0.0 km Joniec

Launch the canoe on the large meadow near the bridge.

2.0 km Popielżyn Górny

The water is cut by a stone dam which has been partly washed away. You can cross it freely in the place where the current is strongest.

3.0 km Popielżyn Dolny

A small obstacle course. Before the island some pillars stick out of the water, which were probably once been part of a bridge. Past the island, to the left, the remains of a stone spur. Observe the water carefully and avoid the places where it surges.

3.5 km mouth of Sona

An exceptionally picturesque site. The high tree branches almost completely block out the sky.

6.0 km

Watch out for rocks!

7.5 km mouth of Naruszewka

On the hills along the right bank you can see the houses of the long village of Dobra Wola.

10.0 km Cieksyn

Along the small river Nasielna, which flows into the Wkra from the right, stretches the holiday village of Cieksyn. Its church of St. Dorothea is worth a visit. The Gothic-Renaissance temple was allegedly designed by the famous Jan Baptysta of Venice. The interior furnishing is interesting. Late Gothic sculptures and mannerist and baroque altars catch the eye. Two 16th century tomb plates have been preserved. Next to the church fence grows a large small-leaved till, the trunk of which has the largest circumference in Mazovia.

11.0 km Borkowo

Below the road bridge you will come across the remains of dam, cut by islets. Best to avoid the obstacle by the right bank.

13.0 km Błędów

The river is cut by a mill weir. You can carry the canoe around it, but you can also float through. Head to the place where the current is the strongest. Past the obstacle is a stretch of deep water, the favourite bathing spot of local and holidaying folk.

Past Błędów the banks rise high and steep and are overgrown with vegetation. In the current you can clearly see enormous boulders.

17.0 km Goławice

You go under a suspention bridge. Its pylon is 26m high. This is what the Warsaw bridge of general Stefan Grot-Rowecki was originally supposed to look like. Yet the idea was abandoned due to the expenses, but you can see its miniature, reduced 5 times, in Goławice. This is the place the river gets shallow. At low water level you might have get out of the canoe in some places.

22.0 km Szczypiorno

An exceptionally nice leg starts here. The valley is limited by steep banks, covered with woods. A landscape reserve was established here.

24.0 km Kosewko

Passing the remains of the weir is the most dangerous moment of the trip. Less experienced canoeists should carry their canoe over the obstacle, while the more experienced are bound to feel a rush of adrenaline.

27.0 km Pomiechówek

A popular holiday resort. Villas and residences stretch along the left bank. You pass under a road and a railway bridge. The banks get lower and turn into waterlogged meadows.

29.0 km Pomiechowo

On the left bank stands a high church tower. The construction of the temple began in 1544. It is a combination of Gothic, Renaissance and baroque features. Its the most interesting element is the presbytery.

31.0 km Wkra flows into the Narew

Wkra.The river has created a wide alluvial fan. The shallow water makes it impossible to float. However, the depths of the Narew begin straight after the fan of the mouth. The last part of the route may be less spectacular, yet the waterlogged meadows on the river banks are ideal for watching nature. The trail of bird passages runs through the area, and their migrations can be observed in spring and autumn.

36.0 km Modlin

If you haven’t had enough, you can continue down Narew to Modlin. It’s a good place to end the trip. You only have 700 m to the train station. Before you leave, make sure you visit the Modlin fortress (see the description of the Vistula route).

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