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Szydlowiecki Cultural Center Szydlowiecki Cultural Center

Radom area - about 100 km south of Warsaw

In the western part of town, at an artificially enlarged and surrounded by a wide moat island, the walls of the castle arise, which formerly was a residence of Szydłowieccy family. It retaind the charm of chivalry, which in the seventeenth century was a pride of one of the greatest aristocratic families in the Polish Republic.


In the Middle Ages, the surrounding lands belonged to the wealthy family of Odrowąż. Among the representatives of this fine family there was no shortage of bishops, castellans or mayors. The first confirmed in sources owner of the castle was Andrzej Pieniazek from Odrowąż crest. He called himself in 1362, the haeres ... de Schydlowiecz (lord of Szydlowiec). Then the branch of this family has finally distinguished and adopted the name from the property in Szydłowiec. It is believed that the foundations of the present castle hide the remnants of natural wood-manor.

The initiator of a Gothic castle is considered Stanisław Szydlowiecki, Castellan of Radom, and since 1467  marshal of the court and tutor the king's sons. Beneath the layers of plaster of Szydlowiecki castle walls researchers found many traces from the fifteenth century. To this day, on the south wall of the oldest residential building are visible fragments of the original window openings. Probably also the four-sided gate tower originates from the fifteenth century, located in the western part of the foundation. The entrance to the castle had to lead through the wooden drawbridge, now non-existent. Opposite the entry of the tower, across the current street, were the castle gardens and a small farm.

Szydlowiecki Cultural CenterThe castle, which was a main seat of Szydtowiec family - one of the most distinguished families in the Commonwealth – was until the end of the fifteenth century, a relatively modest construction. Its appearance was has changed only by Mikołaj, the youngest son of Stanisław, since 1515, treasurer of the Crown. In order to consolidate the achievements of their own and other family members he initiated a eulogy edition of Liber geneseos ilustris familiae Schidlovicie. In this work, we read, among others, that Mikołaj ... built a castle on the foundations of brick according to the dignity of his family, outside and inside delightful and beautiful both in the rooms, porches, as well as various paintings he has done so that everything shone wonderfully ... Certainly, Mikołaj’s travells with royal court have made the treasurer sensitive to new, Renaissance style in architecture. The first stage of works consisted mainly of construct a wall made of residential buildings from three sides. The result of it is a triple-winged palace.

The most representative became the eastern wing. Decorative eastern wall, facing the moat, is adorned with spectacular viewing loggia - older than the one established on Wawel Castle! From this place a view onto the small city park and private city of Szydtowiec family. Residential building’s dimensions were 55 x 14 m.

In winter 1531, Mikołaj Szydlowiecki  passed away. Three of his children from the marriage with Anna of Tęczyński family were already dead. Mikołaj’s brother, Chancellor Krzysztof, also has not left no male heir. All property of Szydtowieccy family passed onto Krzysztof’s daughters in 1547. Elżbieta married Mikołaj Radziwill called the Black - the governor and the marshall of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Mikołaj and Elżbieta probably never lived long in Szydłowiec castle, which long remained deserted. It remained in the hands of Radziwilł family up to twenties of the XIX century. During this period, only minor repairs were carried out. The last representatives of this family were Mikołaj Radziwill and Maria from Gawdzińscy family.

In 1821, Anna Sapieżyńska from Zamoyski bought the mansion from Radziwił family. Seven years later she sold the castle and the town Szydłowiec to tge Government of Polish Kingdom.

In the nineteenth century the castle was used as a brewery. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century it passed into private hands. After 1945, the castle was taken over by the state. In the years 1951-1952 it was rebuilt, and then restored. Currently the east wing of the castle houses the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, where architectural fragments of the castle from the period of Szydtowiec and Radziwił families were exhibited. The remaining part of the castle was designed to Szydlowiecki Cultural Center, which organizes a series of cultural events, including theater performances, concerts and exhibitions.

Szydlowiecki Cultural Center

26-500 Szydłowiec, ul. Sowińskiego 2
48 617 02 96
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