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Ossoliński Palace Complex in Sterdyń Ossoliński Palace Complex in Sterdyń

Siedlce area - 70 km east of Warsaw

Sterdyń, a small settlement located on the Siedlce Upland near Buczynka river - the left tributary of the Bug river, for  years after war hid a real treasure. The first attempts to rebuild the palace were taken by the Polish Composers' Union and the Association of Cultural Animators. In 1996, thanks to attempts of people gathered around Jan Pacewicz, a thorough reconstruction of the old Ossolinski palace started. Today the restored palace reminds the good times of Sterdyń – times it was in possession of one of most wealthy aristocratic families of the Republic of Poland of the seventeenth century.


Ossoliński Palace Complex in SterdyńThe earliest information of Sterdyń comes from 1446. The first, recorded sources of, owner was Piotr Kiszka Sterdyń of Dąbrowa crest.
After him Sterdyń as inherited by his son Mikołaj. In 1580, he was also the owner of Ciechanowiec city. Sterdyń property remained in the hands of Kiszcy until 1622 and in the mid-seventeenth century and then was taken by the Ossolińscy family.

In 1673, Zbigniew Ossoliński has bestowed his property on his son Jerzy a warrant officer. Jerzy was the owner for 15 years and this was a period of stability in Sterdyń. At that time the palace was completely rebuilt to acquire the present shape.

The last of the Ossolinscy family member in Sterdyń, Stanisław, completed the construction of the church and led it to its final shape of Sterdyń residence and completed the rebuilding of the palace in the spirit of Classicism. In 1809, his daughter Emilia married Józef Wawrzyniec Krasinski from Ślepowron crest. Among the residents of the house of Krasinscy family was well known and respected architect Jakub Kubicki. The reconstruction of the Sterdyń palace was commissioned to him. In 1847, after the death of Józef Wawrzyniec Krasinski, the sole owner of Sterdyń became Paulina z Krasińskich, wife of Ludwik Górski from Bożawola crest.

Ludwik Górski was a very busy man and proved to be an excellent host. During his reign the Sterdyń property has been brought into bloom.  In 1850, the English style park surrounding the palace was re-decorated. Until the time of land reform the palace and park complex remained in the hands of Krasinski.
In the postwar years, the palace served as high school, and for a short period as the Labor Room. Many residents of Sterdyń as their place of birth give the palace.

The Ossolinski Palace is located in oxbow of Bug River. The restored buildings and adjacent to them English-style par, fish ponds arouse the delight of guests arrived here. The complementing of the whole complex are interiors, which retained the atmosphere of the past. The murals in the halls of representation were restored with great reverence in eighteenth-century. The palace nearly turned into a ruin ... Fortunately, the opposite happened.

Ossoliński Palace Complex in SterdyńToday you can admire the seminar rooms and banquet rooms, lounge, and a unique atmosphere of the restaurant, which retains the old oak sideboards. Murals on the walls are eye catching. In the vaulted basement of the palace is a quiet Honey Drinking Room, from which the wonderful smells of liquor emerge. You could say: the place flowing with milk and honey.

Apartments and hotel rooms (except the palace) are located in the outbuildings adjacent to the facility. In each of them there is the spacious living room with fireplace. The underground of left side outbuildings hide inside a stylish pub.

It is also worth noting that near the palace there was a granary , which has 37 rooms, renovated. In the basement of the building there is a stylish inn with a huge fireplace. The entire storehouse of hand-painted stained glass windows and original wooden beams is kept in folk climate. The owners also plan to open a fitness club and stables, which will be built on site adjacent to the palace.

All the time the palace hosts are trying to offer visitors numerous attractions. A stay in this place will improve your mood – during your work, rest or during the events of the conference and integration.

Zespół Pałacowy Ossolińskich Sterdyń Sp. z o.o. [Ossoliński Palace Complex in Sterdyń company]

ul. Kołobrzeska 2
02-023 Warsaw
Tel: (22) 642-26-34, 642-26-35

The hotel has 70 single and double rooms, located in four buildings. The main palace building fits perfectly restored guest rooms with beautiful stylish paintings (to use for the conferences) and a large conference room. There are also 8 rooms including 4 suites. In the vaulted basement of the palace there is a Mead Drinking Room. Adhere to the palace there are two outbuildings with 24 stylish rooms. Each has a living room with fireplace, basement and in the right side outbuildings located there is a pub and billiard room.

At the back of the facility there is a Barn housing 37 double rooms, decorated in folk style.

Palace: 8 rooms (including 4 suites), conference room, restaurant, Purple Room, Empire-style room, Portrait Room, Theatre Room, Library, Terrace Room, Fireplace Room, Mead Drinking Room.

Two outbuildings adjacent to the palace: 24 rooms (including 2 suites), in all of them comfortable with bathroom, shower and cosmetics.

Barn: 37 double rooms decorated in the Old Polish style (all rooms have 2 single beds), 2 four-bed rooms and bathrooms with showers. The rooms are decorated in folk climate.

The main building of the palace is the conference center. The palace complex has five stylish meeting rooms, equipped with a flipchart, screen and overhead projector for transparencies. The largest of them can accommodate 140 people, it is equipped with a large screen (3 x 3 m) and high speed Internet connection and sound. There are training courses organized for employees of companies, particularly in the field of Adventure Team Building: integration, motivation, leadership, communication, and synergy, mission. The palace has a team of professional trainers, psychologists and trainers of outdoor classes. Based on the unique terrain of the Bug river and Nadbuzanski National Park all kinds of outdoor activities are organized - from picnics with recreational program to extreme sports, off-road racing (cars, quad bikes, hovercrafts), scenario games, sports, racing, canoeing.

The Ossolinski Palace Complex boasts excellent cuisine, which will satisfy the fussiest palate. The palace is famous for its typical Polish and traditional Polish cuisine and high-class chefs working here are able to meet the most sophisticated tastes. The specialty of the palace restaurant is venison dishes and fish.

Zespół Pałacowy Ossolińskich Sterdyń Sp. z o.o. [Ossoliński Palace Complex in Sterdyń company]

08-320 Sterdyń, ul. Kościelna 43
25 781 09 50 (Reception)
25 781 09 49
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