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Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra

Surroundings of Ciechanow - about 100 km north of Warsaw

About 8 km east of Ciechanow, amidst a charming  landscaped park the picturesquely situated Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra is located. The museum is placed in a former palace complex of Krasińscy family, along with the palace and Castle, which were built in inspiration by Maria Radziwill Krasińska, mother of Zygmunt Krasiński.


Museum of Romanticism in OpinogóraThe first written mention about Opinogóra comes from 1185, when the governor of Mazovia, called Żyro [Jiro] returned Opinogóra to monastery of Maidens Premonstratensian in Plock. In the mention, it appears under the name Opinogote. However, in the fifteenth century document it was called Opinagóra and was divided into Upper and Lower Opinagóra. Upper Opiniogóra belonged to Borzym, Lower one - to Boleścice of Chamsko, and then to Prawdzice of Gołdno. In 1421, Borzym exchanged Upper Opinogóra with the Duke of Mazovia Janusz I for the other village, and thus it became a part of the princely domain. The princes built a hunting manor there, where later Duke Boleslaw of Mazovia died in 1454.

After the annexation of Mazovia to the Crown Opinogóra it became a part of the royal estates, and as a non-city starosty was given as a reward to the people, who have contributed to the throne. The first Krasiński, whom the king gave Opinogóra in 1659, was Jan Kazimierz (1607-1669) - courtier of the king, treasurer of the Crown, mayor of Plock, Castellan of Warsaw, Plock and Ciechanów.

In 1752 finally the estate was divided into three parts, and Opinogóra according to the mention from 1752 was given to Michał Chieronim Krasiński (1712-1784) who was a Speaker of the Confederation of Bar. Michael Krasiński gave rise to a new family line, called line Opiniogórska line.
Opinogóra remained in the hands of Krasińscy family to the time of annexation. At that time the property became a part of the Prussian Chamber and its tenant become Melchior Neumann.

In December 1806, the French army invaded Mazovia. Opiniogóra was given to Jan Bernadotte (1763-1844), marshal of France, Duke of Ponte Corvo. The name of the town was changed into the French Opinogóra. Marshall’s reign however did not last long. In September 1810 he was invited to the Swedish throne, and in November he was crowned as Karol Jan XIV.

By the Decree of 20th May 1811, the emperor restored Krasiński their rights to this property, while giving Wincent Krasiński the title of a Count. Alexander I confirmed this reward, but the authorities of the Polish Kingdom recognized Krasiński’s rights to the property only in 1818. General was troubled by changes in the political arena and the attitude of his son, who was not interested in the economy. Therefore, he strongly urged the court in St. Petersburg to create an ordinance of Opinogóra. He succeeded only in 1844. The Statute of ordinance guaranteed the inviolability of property and determined that it must always remain in the hands of Krasińscy family by going to the eldest son.

The first administrator of Opiniogóra was Zygmunt Krasiński (1812-1859). Few, however, he could do in this role, because he died three months after his father, on 23rd February 1859. The next administrator was the son of Zygmunt - Wladyslaw. After the death of Wladyslaw, the next administrator was his son Adam Krasiński - then a juvenile. For several years his mother - Róża z Potockich Krasińska, managed the property. Under her rule Opinogóra experienced a boom. Adam Krasinski died childless in 1909, which meant the termination of Opiniogórska familiy line.

According to the statute, the ordination was taken over by Oboźnicka line from Radziejowice. The first administrator of this line was Józef Krasiński. He did not engage in matters of Opiniogóra and actually the real management was in his son’s hands - Edward Krasiński.

During the World War I Opinogóra was destroyed. After the war, Count Edward did not renovate the castle. He put all his efforts into the construction of the Library and Museum of Ordinance of the Krasiński Counts House in Warsaw. For this purpose he even sold the family estate in Radziejowice. The Count Edward Krasiński died in Dachau on December 7, 1940

In January 1945 the Russians entered Opinogóra. In the same year a land reform was carried out there. Manorial workers and smallholders hosts were assigned to 21 plots, and the remaining land was turned intoa State Farm.

The first years after the war did not bring major changes in the appearance of Opinogóra. Only in the fifties, at the initiative of the Society of Friends of the Ciechanowska Land, a project of reconstruction of the neo-Gothic castle was developed - for cultural purposes. In 1958, revaluation work began. It was completed in 1961 and on 20th May in the reconstructed interiors a Museum of Romanticism was opened.

In 1970 the house was rebuilt with arcades. In 1989 a monument of Zygmunt Krasinski was unveiled, and in 1990 a reconstructed manor outbuilding was included to the museum complex.

The Museum of Romanticism has two exhibitions open (in the Castle and Outbuilding). Since 1970, every second Sunday of the month concerts and poetry readings take place here.

Museum of Romanticism in OpinogóraPalace of Opiniogóra, located at the back of an old mansion, in summertime turned into a residential house for guests invited by Krasiński family. It was an ideal place for work and leisure. Its slender tower and embattled walls in front of the driveway give it a defensive building character, which is why it is called a Castle.

In the Castle and the palace there are rich collections of the history of the palace complex and the Krasiński family. The exhibition opens with a fabric from 1722, showing the Krasiński family tree. In the Castle and palace are among others: White and Red Living Room, Living Room under the Tower, Napoleonic Room. All are open to the public.

In 2008, nearby the Castle, on the basis of a design by Józef Galezowski, a 100 year old Manor House was build, where an exhibition devoted to Polish Romanticism is held.

Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra

It is possible to organize conferences in the facility for 80 people and small meetings for 30 people. In the immediate vicinity of the museum complex there is a park, restaurant and hotel with the possibility of meals and accommodation. The restaurant’s opening hours: 12.00-22.00. Hotel: day and night. Provides information and accepts requests:

Restauracja Parkowa

ul. Krasinskiego 5, 06-406 Opinogóra
phone: 23 671 72 31

Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra

06-406 Opinogóra, ul. Zygmunta Krasińskiego 9
23 671 20 25
23 671 20 25
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