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Castles, palaces and manors

Castles, palaces and manors

Because of its location, Mazovia for centuries was exposed to attacks by the neighbors, either by Tatars from the East, or the Knights of the Cross from the North. Due to these adverse geopolitical conditions the Mazovians were forced to build fortresses, from which they could repel invasions, survive long sieges, and also strengthen their position in the region. To date, there are some magnificent ruins of castles, among them the castles in Czersk, Ciechanów Iłża and Liw. Today tournaments are organized there, where one can admire spectacular fights. At the same time fairs are organized, where visitors can buy the products of folk crafts, and more importantly, the medieval armor.

The later period, the time of the Nobles’ Commonwealth, created numerous mansions and palaces of the nobility. Among them the most interesting are the manors in Dłużew, where there is now a center for creative work, in Stawisko, where we can visit the biographical museum of the Iwaszkiewicz family and in Żelazowa Wola, where Frederic Chopin was born.

Among the palaces, Chlewiska is noteworthy, where the resort Manor House is located, the Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra as well as the Warsaw Palace in Wilanów and the Łazienki Park.

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